25 Days Of Christmas Crafts: Day 7 Mitten Wreath

Welcome to Day 7 of the 25 Days of Christmas Crafts. This has been really fun for my daughter and I. I am loving all the decorations in my house at the same time. Since Thanksgiving or should I say since Fall started I have been in love with wreaths. I want to make a wreath for every month eventually. I have never made one before but I have heard they are pretty easy to do. Well today’s craft is a Mitten Wreath. I hope you enjoy it.

For the mitten pattern I traced my daughters mitten.

Mitten Wreath

What you need:

  • Paper Plate
  • Red, Green, Yellow construction paper
  • scissors
  • small mitten
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glitter glue

How To Make The Mitten Wreath

The first thing I did was cut out the center of the paper plate. I then used my daughters mitten and traced the mitten on the yellow paper. I then put 1 yellow, red, and green construction paper together as I cut out the mittens. I think I got about 4 traceable mittens one page. After we cut out the mittens I glued them to the plate. We then decorated them by putting dots of glitter glue on. You could even use a hole puncher and punch out different colors to glue polka dots on.  You could draw designs to decorate the mittens. The decorating is up to you.

I think the only thing I would do differently next time is paint the plate. Not sure what color. I might make another mitten wreath at a later time using winter colors.


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