25 Days Of Christmas Crafts: Day 1 Pom Pom Christmas Tree

I really love this time of year! Christmas is one of my favorite Holidays to start making decorations for. My daughter and even sometimes my son really get into crafting. My son of course has to be in the mood for it. I decided to come up with the 25 Days of Christmas Crafts for kids. Each day my kids and I will make decorations and I will share them each day. I hope during the next 25 days you find something interesting, easy and something you like.

POM POM Christmas Tree

What You Need:

  • Glue
  • Green Craft Foam
  • scissors
  • brown pom poms
  • green pom poms
  • one yellow pom pom
  • smaller colored pom poms for the ornaments


  1. I didn’t have a pattern when I did. What you need to do is a grab a pair of scissors and the green craft foam. I started at the bottom with cutting a small part of the trunk. I did enough where two brown pom poms would fit. Then I started cutting the triangle to the tree. I did cut it all in one piece.
  2. Next we put a TON of glue all over the Green Christmas Tree Craft Foam.
  3. Put the yellow pom pom on the very top point of the Christmas Tree. The yellow pom pom is the star.
  4. Next put two brown pom poms on the bottom for the trunk of the tree.
  5. Next fill the rest of the green foam tree with green pom poms. The green pom poms of course is our Christmas Tree.
  6. I would let this dry for a little bit before you continue.
  7. You take the little colored pom poms and you glue them where ever you want on top of the green pom poms. These colored pom poms are the Christmas Ornaments.


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