Good Bye 2017

Good Bye 2017!! You will not be missed! I surely hope that 2018 is filled with a lot more joy and happiness!  A lot of different things happened this year, new experiences, sadness, new friends, and well new ideas for the next year! Even though this year is not ending on the best of note…..there is a lot to look forward to in 2018.

Things To Look Forward To: 

My son will be starting a Job Explorer Program. It will help with things to expect with employers, how to dress, how to act, budgeting, and it will end with job experience. This program can do way more then I can teach him. I am really excited about it.

My daughter is looking forward to her new science curriculum. She really wants to get into dissecting things. I am totally surprised she is interested in it. I am totally ready to go with the flow and her interests. This is one of her goals, as she wants to become a biologist.

We will be starting to look for houses in Spring. We know the area we want to look in. In fact we have our eyes on a couple houses at the moment. I think I am ready for a change. I am tired of living in a small town. I am ready for a bigger small town! One that is close to a bigger city. It also has my favorite happy place!! I think we will have more opportunities as well.

We are debating about joing a co-op this session. It is an 8 week session. Not really sure how crazy the kids will be about a couple of the classes. I think they will have fun networking. At least my daughter will. My son not so much. He will need to get out of his comfort zone.

Favorite Things of 2017:

We found a homeschool group that we actually liked. We made a couple close friends and had some wonderful learning experiences. We also had a lot of fun just hanging out. We did more nature studies this year as well.

I think one of our favorite things as a family was going to the Wild Bill Show at the historical society. We are looking forward to seeing it again next year!

We started a new homeschool tradition for the start of the school year! I look forward to keeping it going!

I think one of the bigger things for me was the Yippe conference. It was 5 months, at one weekend a month. It was all about transition. I had the chance to network with other parents and still talk to a couple of them to this day. My son also made a few friends that he does still talk to. It taught us a lot of things I didn’t know. I have the resources to move forward and know what to expect.


I am having trouble coming up with anything more at the moment!

Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve!! Be safe!

Happy New Year!!



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