Clear Shower Curtain Liner Review

Super Clear Shower Curtain Liner Review

I don’t know about you but I am really picky about my shower curtain liners. Our bathroom in the place that we rent does not have proper ventilation so that leaves things to collect mold and mildew easier. When I came across the review for the Clear Shower Curtain Liner it had come at the perfect time as I was searching for a new one.


Confessions of a Real Mom Who is Raising Autistic Kids – Week 1

Confessions of a Mom Who is Raising Autistic Children

Welcome to my first post of Confessions of a Real Mom Who is Raising Autistic Kids. I thought I would write a series of weekly posts to give you a glimpse into what our weeks are like. Believe me some of them are not very pretty. I am not going to sugar coat anything. In fact maybe some of you who are raising special needs children can identify with some of the feelings and things I am going through.

ARTistic Pursuits K – 3 Book 2 Stories of Artists and Their Art Review

ARTistic Pursuits Review

Do your kids like art but you just don’t know how to put something together for them? Check out ARTistic Pursuits for grades K – 12. We had the chance to review Early Elementary K – 3, Book 2: Stories of Artists and Their Art. The projects in this book relates to watercolor painting, print making, and mixed media.


The time period in this book is 13th century late Gothic to the 18th century. Students learn about artists and their work through stories and then proceed onto a project that is related to a story. Some of the artists in this book are Giotto, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Turner.

Mosquito Hill Nature Center – Beautiful Day To Explore

Mosquito Hill Nature Center

Mosquito Hill Nature centerĀ is a beautiful place to walk the trails. Yesterday was the perfect day to explore. It was 77 degrees. That is the first 70s we have seen in a very long time. It wasn’t to hot and it wasn’t humid, so it was perfect.


Orphs of the Woodlands – Reading Adventure (Star Toaster Review)

Orphs of the Woodlands

One thing my kids really enjoy is a good reading adventure. We have been working our way through Orphs of the Woodlands by Star Toaster. The book we are reading in this story is called The Treasure of High Tower. There is a second book that is set to come out really soon. This is for kids grades 4th – 7th.

4 Orphs Banner_zpswcv7smkh

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