Science Shepherd Introductory Science Level A Review

Science Shepherd Review

At tax time I was looking around for a new science program for the kids. I came across Science Shepherd and was intrigued that each lesson for science had a video. So I knew at that point I really wanted to give this curriculum a try. I purchased Introductory Science Video Course and purchased two workbooks for level A. The ages for this course are 6 – 11. There is a Level A and Level B workbook. I also purchased the Answer Key in case there was something I didn’t know.


Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History – Review

Ancient History Review

Over that last month we have started working on Ancient History starting from creation and ending with Alexander the Great. My daughter has been fascinated and engaged in the many different activities that just bring it to life. We received Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History Digital Version by Amy Puetz for our review. This curriculum is for grades 1 – 6. It has a beginner section for grades 1 – 2 and a more advanced section for grades 3 – 6. The curriculum spans out for 30 weeks.


Here is what you get: 

Getting Ready For Our Summer Schedule


Now is the time of year where I start winding down. We still do school work in the summer but it isn’t a full load like during the school year. That way things aren’t lost and we can keep going. There will be different things going on this year so we have to adapt to changes as well.

Book of Astronomy Set – Constellations and the Solar System Review

Memoria Pres Review

My kids have always been into Astronomy. My daughter is more curious then my son, as she is always wanting to go outside to look at the stars to see what we can find. We had the chance to review the Book of Astronomy Set by Memoria Press. This is geared towards kids in grades 3 – 5.


I received the Student Book and the Teacher Book. The Teachers Book is set up the same way the  Student book is, except that it has answers in it. In this program the kids will learn about constellations, the motion of earth, names of stars, as well as which season you will see the constellations, for example the Summer Triangle and the Winter Zodiacs.

Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization Review

IEW Review

One of the things both my daughter and I love are to read poetry. She has always liked to do this since she has been smaller. We had the chance to review Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization by Institute for Excelling in Writing.  The nice thing is this program was designed for grades K Р12.

Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization Teachers Manual amp CDs_zpszehu8rim

For this review I did receive the Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization Teachers Manual and CD’s. This also allows you to download the the Student E-book and Seven audio MP3s. I also did receive a Student Book. Please note that the Student Book Spiral Bound is a separate purchase. It is not included with the Teachers Manual and CD’s.

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